Granite is a plutonic igneous rock consisting essentially of quartz, feldspar and mica. Granites are the most abundant rocks in the upper continental crust and cover 4.5% of the Earth's crust and 15% of the continents.

Granite hardness and durability make it a popular choice as a building material and the mottled appearance and the brightness of the polished granite also makes it an attractive material for decoration.

Granite is almost completely devoid of porosity, this makes it very resistant to stains and deterioration.

The  GALLERY section contains pictures with works made of Granite. 


  • Negro_zimbawe_800x349_800x400

    Negro Zimbawe

  • Tropical_green_muestra_800x400

    Tropical Green

  • Giallo_mumbay_800x400

    Giallo Mumbay

  • Shivakashi_(1)_800x400

    Rosa Sivakashi

  • Blanco_diamante(1)_800x400

    Blanco Diamante

  • Rosa_porri%c3%b1o_800x400

    Rosa Porriño

  • Amarillo_dorado_800x400

    Amarillo Dorado

  • Verde-ubatuba-gold_800x400

    Verde Ubatuba Gold

  • Rojo_balmoral_800x400

    Rojo Balmoral

  • Negro_absoluto

    Negro Absoluto

  • Multicolor_verde

    Multicolor Verde

  • Juaparana_burdeos_800x400

    Juparana Burdeos

  • Verde_cascada_800x400

    Verde Cascada

  • Reliquia_800x400


  • Tan_brown_800x400

    Tan Brown

  • Gran_violet_800x400

    Gran Violet

  • Lilas_gerais_800x400

    Lilas Gerais

  • Rojo_estio_800x400

    Rojo Estio

  • Kinawa_muestra_800x400


  • Cindy_r._800x400

    Cindy R.

  • Blanco_polar_800x400

    Blanco Polar

  • Kashmir_white_800x400

    Kashimir White

  • Blanco_araras_800x400

    Blanco Araras

  • Blanco_dise%c3%b1ado_800x400

    Blanco Diseñado

  • Negro_amaras_800x400

    Negro Amaras

  • Absolut_black_satinado_800x400

    Absolut Black Satinado

  • Paradiso_bash_800x400

    Paradiso Bash

  • Kashmir_gold_800x400

    Kashmir Gold

  • Blanco_mali_800x400

    Blanco Mali

  • Negro_sudafrica_800x400

    Negro Sudáfrica

  • Labrador_claro_800x400

    Labrador Claro

  • Labrador_oscuro_800x400

    Labrador Oscuro

  • Fantasia_salmon_800x400

    Fantasia Salmon

  • Rosa_ch_800x400

    Rosa Ch

  • Multicolor_rojo_800x400

    Multicolor Rojo

  • Rosa_dante_800x400

    Rosa Dante

  • Verde_oliva

    Verde Piraña

  • New_caledonia_800x400

    New Caledonia

  • Vaizag_blue_800x400

    Vaizag Blue

  • Azul_orisha_800x400

    Azul Orisha

  • Celtico_800x400


  • Azul_platino_800x400

    Azul Platino

  • Verde_san_francisco_800x400

    Verde San Francisco